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     I am very happy with their talented cleaners. They always do amazing work on my property. They are inexpensive and get the job done right every time.
Cynthia C.21/05/2020
     I live and just like approximately everyone else here, am a client of this cleaning company. I fell in love with their services due to the professionalism, ease of scheduling, and the speedy work rate.
     Working with Whitton Cleaning Company was a real pleasure. They cleaned everything I asked them in a very professional way. I am definitely going to use their cleaning services again.
Kate Hilson21/07/2016
     Are you worried about the home cleaning? You sound a bit like where I was a few months back. This was my first time living alone and I was really worried about how I'd navigate all of the chores and manage to have them done properly. But a quick call to Carpet Cleaning Whitton had relaxed me a lot. Our schedules dovetail brilliantly, so I know I can trust them to help me out when I need it most. Excellent company.
Beverly Howard05/11/2015
     I wasn't sure how best to clean my oven and so, not wanting subpar results or to do any damage to it, I got Cleaner Whitton to handle things for me. Their cleaners are all professionals and the ones who arrived at my home washed and wiped the cooker fully. The oven is spotless now, with all stains gone. The staff worked quickly and the price was affordable. A great service!
Melissa James27/05/2015
     I couldn't ask for more from WhittonCarpetCleaners as their cleaners do all the scrubbing and cleaning, so I don't have to lift a finger. I've always detested housework and because this cleaning firm's rates so reasonable, I can now leave all the dirty work to someone else! Plus they do such a good job of getting the floor to shine and keeping my living room free from dust. If it were left up to me, the place would be in a permanent state of disarray!
Helen Adams15/01/2015

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